District Energy Utility

River District Energy

River District Energy is the only publicly regulated developer-owned District Energy Utility (DEU) in British Columbia. We are invested in providing long-term, affordable and sustainable energy to the homeowners at River District.

District energy and how it Works

A DEU is a centralized utility system that produces and distributes the thermal energy via hot water for space heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) in a closed loop to buildings in a district.

River District Energy will generate the energy for space heat and DHW through high-efficiency gas fired boilers located on-site. Water will be heated in a central boiler and this thermal energy will be delivered to each building through insulated pipes to minimize energy losses during distribution. In the building mechanical room, the thermal energy will be extracted from the system through heat exchangers and the now cooler water returned to the central boiler for re-heating and re-circulation.

Benefits of District Energy

The DEU is a flexible utility system that has the capability of using a variety of sustainable and renewable energy sources and allows the DEU to adapt to a changing energy market while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The system also eliminates the need for the buildings connected to the distribution system to maintain boilers, hot water tanks, and auxiliary equipment and reduces builders’ maintenance costs and allows for more efficient use of the space.

Regulatory Information

River District Energy is regulated by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).  The BCUC is responsible for ensuring that customers are charged fair and equitable rates and regulated utilities provide safe, adequate, and secure service to all of their customers.

The BCUC granted River District Energy approval to operate as a regulated utility in December 2011 and subsequently approved its terms of service and customer rates in the River District Energy Tariff dated February 29, 2012.

Regulatory Documents