Our legacy for future generations

River District is literally laying the groundwork for a sustainable community. A comprehensive rainwater management plan will improve the purity of the water that returns to the Fraser. With the health of the river in mind, the foreshore is being reconstructed to improve fish habitat. Throughout the site, green space is being utilized to offer habitat for songbirds that live near the water.

The built environment is equally important. River District is on a path towards LEED Gold and BuiltGreen Gold status for the entire community. Buildings have integrated systems to promote good practices in energy, water and waste management. The careful choice of building materials is vastly improving indoor air quality. Locally sources, recycled and salvaged materials are being used wherever it is possible and practical to do so.

Located in the River District, River District Energy is a District Energy Utility (DEU) that provides space heating and Domestic Hot Water to the buildings within the community. The DEU is a flexible system that has the capability of using a variety of sustainable and renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions