Introducing Buzzworthy New Neighbours

Image showing River District Apiary
Image of River District Apiary logo

If you’ve taken a walk through River District recently, you may have noticed a new addition to the neighbourhood. The newly created River District Apiary is home base for honey bees and their hives.

Located just south of Town Centre, near the riverfront walking paths, the honey bees at the Apiary are already settling into their new home and discovering the spring blooms and blossoms.

Why honey bees make great neighbours

At Wesgroup, supporting local ecology is important to us. An Apiary is an impactful way to help our local ecosystem and environment. Aside from making honey, bees are the world’s top pollinator. If you take care of any plants or garden spaces, then this is some sweet news for you. The bees will help plants grow in our communities, gardens and public spaces and contribute to an overall more vibrant, healthy, and diverse ecosystem.

About the Apiary

Each of the hives works independently of each other, with their queen and her specific workers. They will be collecting nectar and pollen from around River District, since bees usually stay within a 1km radius from their hive, but are able to go up to 6km if needed.

The Apiary was built in late 2019 and this year will be the first Spring and Summer that our hives will be in full swing! Keep your eyes out for your new neighbours buzzing around.

We’re especially proud of the Apiary at Wesgroup because our team built it with their own hands. Check out our Development team in action, creating the shed for our River District Apiary!

What will the River District Apiary mean for you?

We’ve answered some commonly asked questions:

How can I help the honey bees?

There are lots of easy ways to help support the honey bees in our community. Especially with an Apiary set up nearby, these tips will be beneficial. Below are some ways that you can help support honey bees:

  • Plant gardens and balcony pots with bee-friendly plants
  • Put out shallow dishes filled with stones as bee watering stations
  • Put bee guards on hummingbird feeders, or use bee-proof feeders
  • Avoid using garden chemicals

Are the bees friendly?

Honey bees only sting when you squish them and are remarkably peaceful otherwise. Since they can only sting once, this type of bee is very reluctant to give up their life unless it’s the last option. Honey bees are really only interested in getting food for the colony.

Will they ruin my picnics or barbeques?

No, they won’t!

Honey bees are strictly vegans. You may seem them buzzing around to investigate, but they shouldn’t bother you for too long. Different types of bees that are well known for being attracted to your mealtimes are wasps and hornets, but those are not the type of bees we have at our Apiary

Can I come to see the hives?

At this point in time, we are practicing safe social distancing. In the future, when it’s safer to do so, we plan to offer small-group Apiary tours.

Honey, we’re home!