Artwork at Avalon 3: Featuring Kevin Boyle

With the third and final collection of Avalon Park homes under construction, Avalon 3 will be welcoming new homeowners to the River District community end of this year. Taken from a helicopter and an airplane above the water, the subtle industrial beauty of the Fraser River is perfectly captured from the lens of Vancouver-based photographer, Kevin Boyle. Featured throughout the lobbies of Avalon 3, in the Amenity Lounge, and on the doors of each home, Boyle’s unique photographs of the nature surrounding River District will open your eyes to an elevated perspective of how the Fraser River truly connects our local community.  

Tell us about yourself? Did you always want to be a photographer/artist?  

Kevin: I was always creative as a kid. My brother and I would write and illustrate our own comic books as we were growing up. I had used a camera at work all the time, but I never thought about using it artistically until 2011 when my dad passed away. I took a drive back to Winnipeg from Vancouver and pretty much took photos all the way, day and night. A little cafe that showcased art in White Rock saw some of my images and wanted to know if I would do a show. The hang date was a year to the day that my dad passed away, so I took that as a sign and put together a show with about 10 images. I donated 100% of the show’s profits to a family that had two young children with cancer. Due to the gratification I received from that experience, creating art was a way to not only express myself but a way to give back to the community. Once I made that decision, I dove headfirst into studying my craft, while ensuring philanthropy remained a big part of the plan. 

What is your artistic style?  

Kevin: I don’t know that I have a style exactly. It shifts depending on a bunch of variables… clouds, wind, light, subject, and other factors. If I had to pin-point one thing, I would say that my style is a reflection of what the environment provides for me. I want to make sure that the image I present isn’t something that you can just capture with a phone.  

In three words, how would you describe your photography/artwork?  

Kevin: Contemplative. Symmetrical. Different.  

Where do you get your inspiration?  

Kevin: The Range and DaySleeper series will always be close to my heart. As I grew up in the Prairies, they remind me of home. I always find inspiration as soon as I drive east through Calgary. My Herd and aerial work are more socially inspired. Whether it’s the troubling divide we are seeing societally or the impacts of choices on the environment, through art I found a way to affect change by letting the viewer come to their own conclusions about the subject. 

As far as artists who have inspired me? Dave Burdeny, Nadav Kander, Gregory Crewdson, Edward Burtynsky, Stan Douglas… the list is pretty long! 

What was your thought idea for the photographs at Avalon 3?  

Kevin: My work deals a lot with perspective. My Herd series challenged the viewers perspective by altering their experience through exposure time, lighting, and photo montages. With the Avalon 3 project, I wanted to literally and physically change my perspective by taking to the air. We take the river for granted most of the time, often cursing at the bridges and tunnels that go over and under it without taking into account how much we rely on it. I wanted to offer the homeowners at Avalon 3 a view from their backyard that would be impossible for them to see unless they were looking directly down on it. 

To see more of Kevin Boyle’s photographs, visit the Vancouver Art Gallery or Winchester Galleries to explore his exhibitions. For additional contact information, reach Kevin’s gallery representatives through his website.