Everything You Need to Know About Aunt Leah’s Tree Lot

With the holiday season nearing and the spirit of giving upon us, you can feel good about your Christmas tree purchase with Aunt Leah’s Tree Lot.

Aunt Leah’s Tree Lot is a fundraising initiative run by Aunt Leah’s Place. For 30 years, Aunt Leah’s Place has helped kids in foster care and young mothers through supported housing, providing guidance, job training, and coaching to help them become resilient adults and achieve a brighter future. 

As part of an ongoing commitment to building strong communities, Wesgroup has been working with Aunt Leah’s Tree Lot since 2016, providing space to host tree lots. Last year, River District welcomed its first tree lot, raising over $32,000.

Funds raised at the tree lots are essential to keeping Aunt Leah’s programs running and we’re grateful for all the support received thus far.

Choosing Your Perfect Tree

At River District’s tree lot, you can choose from a variety of firs and pines, each with a unique look and structure for your ornaments.  Pricing depends on the tree species you choose, and the height of the tree. You can also purchase wreaths and swags for other areas of your home.

Here are some of the tree types you’ll typically find at Aunt Leah’s tree lots.

Douglas Fir

If you’re looking for the best value, you’ll find it in a Douglas fir. It’s the least expensive and most popular tree type, ending up in 60% of homes.

Fraser Fir

These trees are a great choice as they have strong limbs for ornaments, and an iconic triangular shape. In fact, they are the official Christmas tree of the White House!

Interior Douglas

With no noticeable scent, Interior Douglas Fir trees have an open, layered, natural look to them.

Jack Pine

As a drought tolerant species, Jack Pines can withstand dry conditions of heated homes. They have a light pine smell and comes with their own natural ornaments (pinecones).

Noble Fir

Noble Firs have great needle retention and a bluish green colour. If you want a tree that will look good five weeks after you’ve brought it home, this is the tree for you!

Nordmann Fir

A great kid- and pet-friendly choice as the needles are soft and don’t shed off the tree.

Come check out the Aunt Leah’s Tree Lot the next time you’re in River District’s Town Centre!

Hours: Wednesday & Thursday, 1:00pm to 8:00pm; Friday to Sunday, 10:00am to 8:00pm
Location: 3555 Sawmill Crescent (surface parking lot right behind Save-On Foods)

You can also buy a tree online to support Aunt Leah’s initiatives here.