Make a Swoon-Worthy Charcuterie Board

A variety of cheese, those tiny pickles, thinly sliced prosciutto and a glass, or two, of vino? Sign us up!

Here in River District, Save-on-Foods and Everything Wine are steps away from one another in our Town Centre, so making a charcuterie board couldn’t be easier. With Save-On’s deli and their selection of snacks, and Everything Wine’s heavenly array of wines, you’ll understand why charcuterie boards are our go-to in River District. These two stores make creating a heavenly charcuterie board as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Image of Save-On-Foods at River District Vancouver

The Board 

First, you need to find the right board for your spread. There are tons of options ranging from wooden to marble boards, and small to extra large. The board you choose totally depends on how many people you’re feeding and what you want your end product to look like.

After you’ve picked the right board, you can choose a variety of thinly sliced meat along with soft and hard cheese options. For meat, try salami, prosciutto or cured sausage. For cheese you can try brie, havarti, gouda, hot pepper, mozzarella, provolone or blue cheese. Feel free to try a bunch or just a couple – it’s up to you!

Once you’ve got the base of the board done, it’s time to have some fun! Add some colourful antipasti to liven up your masterpiece like pickled veggies, cured olives and peppers. You can add a few spreads, jams and mustards with a variety of crackers and bread sticks so your guests can dip, spread and make their own variations. The final touch is to mix in a colourful variety of fresh and dried fruit such as grapes, berries and dried apricots. Use a variety of olive or nuts, and mix it up! Sprinkle pistachios, and pecans throughout your board to add some serious pizazz.

Most importantly, artfully arrange them and experiment with different combinations to find your fav spread.

Image of Everything Wine at River District Vancouver

The Wine

Secondly, and maybe most importantly, wine! When choosing wine to go with your board, it’s important to select something, whether it’s a red, white or something sparkling, that complements the food you’ve chosen for your board. The best way to ensure your wine complements your board, is to pair it with the cheese you’ve selected – or vice versa.


If you’re a fan of white wine, try a buttery chardonnay with mature cheddar, parmesan or ricotta. Or a sauvignon blanc with goat cheese, brie, mozzarella or feta. White wine is the easiest to pair and leaves little room for error, making your party planning a little less stressful.


If white wine isn’t your thing, not to worry! There are plenty of red wine and cheese combos that complement each other perfectly as well. If merlot is your jam, try goat cheese or gruyére cheese to cleanse your pallet and get a world of flavours from the wine. Or, cabernet sauvignon pairs nicely with creamy cheeses like blue cheese, cream cheese and mature cheddar.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine

If you’re in a more celebratory mood – both champagne and sparkling wine go hand in hand with brie or camembert cheese, you’ll truly feel like royalty with this combination.

Check out Everything Wine and Save-on-Foods in River District for all your charcuterie board needs and impress your family, friends and guests at your next get-together!

Everything Wine | 8570 River District Crossing, Vancouver
Save-On-Foods | 8550 River District Crossing, Vancouver