Guest Blog: Everything Wine | Perfect Holiday Wine Pairings

We’ve partnered with Everything Wine at River District, located just minutes from Fraser Flats, to bring you holiday wine recommendations. From the perfect hors d’oeuvre pairing to the ideal white to accompany your turkey dinner, they’ve got you covered.

The holidays are a time of year that are heavily awaited on, and yet we always seem to ask ourselves “how did it get here so fast?” As the days of December quickly flip by, there are two important questions we must ask every year – what will I eat, and what will I drink? Although preparing a festive feast is a daunting task, even for a seasoned professional, we’re here to tell you that your meal is not complete without wine. Luckily we have the help of many knowledgeable wine enthusiasts to help you with all of your preparation and pairing needs. Here are our top three favourite wine and classic holiday meals that will make your guests so happy, they’ll be penciling in dinner at your place next year (trust us, it’s a compliment!).

Let’s start with appetizers. Nothing crowds a kitchen quite like a charcuterie cheese board. It’s the perfect appetizer that can always seem festive, yet offers a little something to suit almost anyone’s taste! Our River District Store Supervisor, Brittany recommends the Acro Iris Tinto, and not just because it comes in a 1L bottle. This medium bodied and well-balanced wine is a great match to a variety of meats and cheeses as it is rich enough to pair with the charcuterie and fruity enough to pair more intensely flavoured cheese.

Meat and wine go hand in hand during the holidays, so we had to include something for those who love to indulge in a nice prime rib. As prime rib is a fatty dish (in a great kind of way) that doesn’t have the traditional char of other grilled meats, we recommend a wine that can stand up against such a rich dish. Try your prime rib with the Grivesac Bordeaux red blend. Its rich flavours, firm tannins and smoky notes make it the best pairing to impress any picky guest this holiday season – just sit back and enjoy the sounds of oo-ing and aw-ing.

Finally, let’s talk about the true hero of any Holiday dinner, the turkey. It’s something most of us look forward to all year, and we have the perfect wine to match. Another River District Store Supervisor Kelsey recommends the Aeros Viognier with your roasted turkey. With its intense flavours of apricots and notes of tropical fruits like sweet peaches, it’s a great holiday wine to forget about the cold and make you feel like you’re at the beach. The aromas of the bird will heighten the sweet and tropical flavours and creaminess of the wine.

Have a different meal your looking to pair for the Holidays? Turn South onto Sawmill Crescent East and stop by our Everything Wine River District store and we’d be happy to help you find that perfect bottle.

Happy holidays, and happy wine-ing and dining from Everything Wine!

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