A Look Back at Vancouver Mural Festival 2020

Our summer here in River District ended with a bang – thanks to Vancouver Mural Festival and the talented artists who contributed their energy and work into the community. From August 18th to September 7th, our artists took it to the mural walls and completed their own unique murals over the course of several days.

We hope you enjoyed seeing them in action and even talking to them about their art! We know they all enjoyed coming down to River District, enjoying the sunshine, and conversing with all those who were curious.

The murals will stay in River District for all to see and enjoy while walking or biking along the path. They’re located along East Kent Avenue, just south of Town Centre.

Here’s a snippet of what went down during Vancouver Mural Festival. Make sure you take a stroll to see them in person yourself!

“WAKE UP” by Ciele Beau

From the artist: I don’t really know where to start, but I am so grateful to have been a part of this years line up of 2020 artists for Vancouver Mural Festival. It was so fun to create this design, and then see it existing at 30 x 8 feet a week later. Maybe it’s cheesy to say but being invited to paint with VMF was a big milestone for me. I’ve applied every year for five years, volunteered on a lot of murals and worked really hard to get to a place where I could confidently tackle something like this so dreams DO come true ✨ but sometimes you have to be a little extra patient. And then the reward feels that much sweeter! 🍊

“Entangled” by David Camisa

From the artist: “Entangled”, my very first mural, is done 👏🏻 Working with Vancouver Mural Festival has been an absolutely amazing experience and I could not be more grateful for this opportunity. Everyone I have worked with over the last few weeks have been phenomenal. 

Photo by Gabriel Martins

“We can’t do it alone” by Fernanda Ribeiro

From the artist: My first mural is done! “We can’t do it alone” is my first collaboration with Vancouver Mural Festival and I couldn’t be happier with the experience! 

“Dance with Me” by Arty Guava

From the artist: Living in the time of a pandemic and the need for social isolation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by stress and uncertainty. Yearning for freedom and carefree days inspires me to draw images of women lost in dance – unburdened and unafraid.
“Dance with Me” is a whimsical piece that celebrates community and our relationship with the natural world. A diverse group of woman come together to dance uninhibitedly, striking silly poses and revelling in them. They cavort amongst the flora and fauna, in harmony with their surroundings. I hope people find the work as uplifting as it was for me to create.

“Where You Will Find Me” by Caitlin McDonagh

From the artist: I’m so thankful and count myself very lucky to be included in the curation done this year by Krystal , who I’ve admired for years. You can find the wall in the River District alongside 9 other stellar murals. Thank you to Vancouver Mural Festival and Wesgroup for making it possible! 

“Deep Wisdom” by John Velten

From the artist: An owl feels spiritual by nature. It’s flight silent, movement swift and character wise. This piece is meant to reflect the balance we strive to attain in life. Reflecting a perception of depth through chromatic color, also representing a spectrum of who we are as people intergrated together from all around the globe. An inclusive atmosphere for each of us, gathering knowledge from each other’s culture and experiences. Turned into generational wisdom.

“Spectrum of emotions” by Extra Crunchy

From the artist: Stripping layers of saturated emotions, or wearing those emotions like onesies to hide in your shell. The spectrum of human emotions are described by masks ranging from red to green. Red is the lowest vibration (fear) and green is a neutral state that we can potentially achieve. In the center, behind the masks is a silhouette of a child seed in black and white which is the spirit, the inner child, that drives and unites us.

“People Power” by Alex Fowkes

From the artist: The People Power Revolution was a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines, mostly in Metro Manila, from February 22–25, 1986. There was a sustained campaign of civil resistance against regime violence and electoral fraud.

“Furry Glitch” by Lukas Lundberg

From the artist: A huge thanks to everyone involved for making this great opportunity happen. Shoutout to the whole Vancouver Mural Festival team, and my curator Drew to the coordinators Brit & Malika. And thanks to the River District and Wesgroup for having us to your great neighborhood! As well all the other great artist painted along me over these fun days, was great meeting y’all.

“Legwork” by Rory Doyle

From the artist: My contribution to Vancouver Mural Festival 2020. Painting outdoors in August is a pleasure. Thank you for having me ✌️

Photo by Gabriel Martins