Meet the Owner of Bosley’s – Ekroop

Ekroop (right) with her family on Bosley’s opening day in River District.

Exciting news for all the pet owners in River District, Bosley’s officially opened last winter offering pet foods, supplies and accessories for dogs, cats, fish, and more! With over 30 years of experience and 47 locations across BC, Bosley’s is a leading pet specialty retailer in British Columbia.

We had the opportunity to ask Ekroop, the owner of Bosley’s in River District, a few questions to learn more about why she is passionate about working with animals and how she achieved success in opening a store as a young entrepreneur.

How did you get started with Bosley’s?

Ekroop: A few years ago, I was completing my business diploma and my father was looking for a business to invest into. I have always been extremely passionate about animals and used to volunteer at an animal hospital at the BC SPCA during my free time. My uncle in Toronto owns 2 pet stores under the name Pet Valu and helped us with the application process for Bosley’s. It took us about 3 years to get the location at River District, but we were willing to wait since we love the area and, in the meantime, I worked on finishing my Bachelor of Business Administration degree. I am a young entrepreneur who currently helps run a family business at the age of 22. My 19-year-old sister is currently completing a medical program and she also works with us and helps my dad and I run the store.

What do you love most about your work?

Ekroop: The one thing that gets me up and going every morning, even after working a long 12-hour shift, is the fact that I know that every day there will be a dog waiting at the door to come in to get a treat. Many dogs dislike or are scared of pet stores, but we have been able to create an environment where dogs will drag their owners in for a treat during their walk. Customers give us a lot of feedback about how they love our store and how they and their pets feel welcomed. Bringing a smile on pet parents’ faces makes our day.

Pepper the Hedgehog (left) with Enzo the Pomeranian (right).

What makes you passionate about working with animals and pet owners?

Ekroop: I love solving problems for pet owners when they have exhausted other options and all they want is for their furry friends to be happy. When I was younger, I wanted to work as a veterinarian but quickly realized while volunteering at the animal hospital, I could not bear animals in pain. Now I get the chance to help pet owners with challenges they face including finding the right food for their animals, recommending supplements, and suggesting tools for their daily pet needs.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

Ekroop: The most rewarding aspect of the role is receiving positive feedback from our community! Recently, we hosted a photoshoot with Wesgroup at our store for National Pet Day and we had so much fun meeting the dogs in River District. Receiving feedback in-person and through messages from the community makes the job very rewarding. Even receiving negative feedback is rewarding in the way that it helps us improve and adapt to changes the customers would like to see.

Photos from Wesgroup and Bosley’s photoshoot from National Pet Day 2021.

How did you decide on River District as a community for your store?

Ekroop: We were offered other locations by Bosley’s but did not take them as they were not close by to our home and we were not familiar with the areas. We live near Victoria Drive and Marine Drive and have been going for walks in the River District community for over 12 years! When we heard of a River District location, we were very excited as we knew this would be the one.

How would you describe the community at River District?

Ekroop: The community has been amazing! They have been incredibly welcoming since we first opened, and we cannot wait to continue building stronger relationships with members of the community.

Ekroop (right) and Enzo the Pomeranian (left) with a family member in Bosley’s.

Do you have any pets of your own?

Ekroop: Yes! We re-homed our dog, Enzo, 3 months ago after opening the store. He is currently 11 months old. He was meant to be. We did not change his name when we re-homed him because in Italian, Enzo means “winner.” Enzo is definitely a winner! He won a whole pet store all to himself!

Visit Bosley’s at River District to learn more, to say hi, or just for some treats at their store, located at 8515 River District Crossing. You can also get in touch below:


Phone: (604) 431-8778


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