Meet the Owner of Spice Wax Bar – Neelam

This past summer, River District welcomed Neelam and her team at Spice Wax Bar to our neighbourhood. Offering a wide range of services from waxing, threading, microblading to facials, Spice Wax Bar is a one-stop shop for your beauty maintenance needs. They stand out in the industry with their signature chocolate wax that makes waxing a pleasant experience for their clients.

We had the opportunity to ask Neelam, the owner of Spice Wax Bar, a few questions to learn more about her passion for the beauty industry and why she loves her work.

How did you get started with Spice Wax Bar?

Neelam: We established our business 8 years ago with enthusiasm, confidence and through beauty, we are able to help others by making our clients feel more confident.

What do you love most about your work? 

Neelam: I like being able to inform others about the significance of good skin care. Seeing your clients leave the salon with a large smile and a glowing face is a pleasure in and of itself, especially when you know it was because of your efforts.

What makes you passionate about working with your clients? 

Neelam: In so many ways, working as an aesthetician is fulfilling. You can sense the enthusiasm and energy the clients bring with them when they come in for a treatment, and you can use that energy to achieve incredible results. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role? 

Neelam: It can be a highly emotionally gratifying career because you are helping people feel and look beautiful. Work never feels dull as every client is different and everyone’s skin is distinctive.

How did you decide on River District as a community for your store? 

Neelam: It’s a lovely place here. The thing I like the most was how courteous and helpful everyone is. The surrounding area is pleasant and beautiful.

How would you describe the community in River District? 

Neelam: River District offers everything you need to have a good time. From newborns to adults and dogs, there is something for everyone.

Visit Spice Wax Bar located at 3475 Sawmill Crescent to learn more about what services they offer or contact them below for an appointment.


Phone: (604) 216-9156


Instagram: @spicewaxbar | Facebook: @spicewaxbar