Q&A With Scott From River District Dentistry

Here at River District, we take oral health very seriously, which is why we have our own dental office right here in Town Centre: River District Dentistry. We sat down with River District’s dental expert, Dr. Scott Kollen, to get all the ins and outs on keeping your pearly whites pearly and white.

What are your best tips to take care of your teeth?

Dr. Scott recommends to brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste two times a day for two minutes – once after breakfast and once after dinner. You should always brush after flossing to make sure any of the plaque and food particles that get flossed out are brushed away.

He taught us a genius trick that he uses to get his patients brushing for a full two minutes. It’s called the 30 x 4 trick – you separate your mouth into four sections (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right), and spend 30 seconds brushing each section. Within each section, break it down to 10 seconds each – on the outside, the biting surface and the inside. And voila! You’re done.

We tried the 30 x 4 trick when we got home and our teeth feel squeaky clean. Why didn’t our dentists ever tell us this?

Any tips to keep your teeth white?

While Dr. Scott says it isn’t necessarily unhealthy for your teeth to be coloured, it is more cosmetically appealing for them to be white. Unfortunately, many drinks like coffee, tea and red wine can stain our teeth… Sorry Starbucks and Everything Wine! And, if you love lemon water – listen up! Scott told us that over time drinking lemon water can actually wear down your teeth because lemon is incredibly acidic. He recommends adding cucumbers to water instead, to keep your teeth healthy and your body hydrated.

Don’t worry though, Dr. Scott says, “If you sip drinks, like tea and coffee, with a straw, there should be less staining, as the drink doesn’t come in contact with the front of your teeth.”

However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid all the food and beverages you love. if you enjoy them in moderation and keep up with your brushing and flossing you’ll be just fine! Thank goodness, because we aren’t planning on giving up wine or chocolate anytime soon.

Why did you choose to practice in River District?

“River District just made sense because I wanted to come back to the Lower Mainland. River District is becoming such an energetic and vibrant community, which I’m so excited to be a part of. It’s such a close knit community – I actually knew of Vic and Gurinder from River District Physio, and Dr. Chetty and Dr. Mann from Medical back at UBC. We somehow crossed paths through mutual friends, and now we’re all here! And I have a great team that deserves so much recognition. I couldn’t have done this all without them!”

We hear so many stories like this in River District and are so happy to bring so many friends, families and neighbours together.

Visit River District Dentistry

When it comes to oral health, consistency is key. And, TOOTH be told, with two visits a year to River District Dentistry, Dr. Scott and his team of dental experts will help keep your teeth healthy and smile sparkly.

Come and visit Scott and his team at 3478 Sawmill Crescent or make an appointment on their website.