River District Energy

River District Energy is a district energy utility that provides buildings in River District with thermal energy -in the form of hot water- for space heating and domestic use. The vision is to harness renewable energy and waste heat to avoid using fossil fuel sources. By doing this, River District Energy can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, which is equivalent to eliminating CO2 emissions by all vehicles in the entire River District community at buildout. Click here to learn more about your neighbourhood energy provider.

Following three years of unchanged rates, River District Energy will be filing a rate increase application to the BC Utilities Commission this June, click here for details on the upcoming submission. How does this application affect you? For a 650 sq. ft. home, the average impact is approximately $24 per year.

Questions or Comments? Email River District Energy at service@rdenergy.ca

Additional information: River District Energy Open House Boards (May 30, 2019).