River District Vancouver Featured on Love It or List It Vancouver!

A City Home at Avalon 1 was recently featured on Love It or List It Vancouver, the Kelly & Gene episode.

Love It or List It Vancouver, a spin off of the popular original series, features local families struggling with homes that don’t fit their needs. In each episode, interior designer, Jillian Harris, attempts to revive the love the owners once had for their homes with a complete renovation, while real estate agent, Todd Talbot, tries to persuade them to list it and relocate by showing a selection of dreamy new alternatives to their current home.

In this episode, Avalon 1’s City Home is featured as one of the attractive alternatives, if the family decides to list it.  See Kelly and Gene weigh their options to either keep their current –– but remodeled –– home, or to leave it for something better. To find out if they select River District as their new neighbourhood, click here to watch the full episode.