Vancouver Mural Festival 2020

VMF at Savour Summer 2018

Vancouver Mural Festival is celebrating its 5th year running and we’re so excited River District is a part of it! During our past Savour Summer event, VMF made a special appearance to create this temporary live abstract mural in Town Centre.

As Western Canada’s largest public art festival, VMF dedicates itself to artistic and cultural development in Vancouver. The murals support local artists, connect communities, inspire creativity, and celebrate diversity and inclusivity. From August 18th to September 7th, VMF is featuring over 60 new murals in 9 neighbourhoods, including our own!

Be sure to download the VMF app on your Apple or Android device to find murals all over Vancouver, learn about the stories behind the art, discover more about the artists, and more. You can also join the #ExploreVMF contest to win some awesome prize packs from each of the neighbourhoods.

Here in River District, the murals can be found on East Kent Avenue, just south of Town Centre. Artists start painting on various dates, with the first ones starting on August 20th (weather-permitting). and will take a couple of days to complete.

Let us introduce you to the 10 artists that will be creating the masterpieces in River District.

Alex Fowkes

An award-winning British graphic designer, Alex is known for his unique typographic work, installation, and murals. His work can be found all around the world including in spaces for Sony Music, Urban Outfitters, Toyota, and more!

Nottingham Mural for Urban Outfitters
Photo by Rob Antill via Alex Fowkes

Ciele Beau

She’s a multi-disciplinary visual artist and musician and she doesn’t shy away from using bold colours and playful imagery to illustrate the human condition. Her art is influenced by her own experience with Synesthesia, a condition where the brain crosses the pathways of stimulation from the senses. As an example, Ciele can feel colours and see shapes when she listens to music.

IMAGINE Mural for Sarah Mclachlan School of Music by Ciele Beau

David Camisa

David attributes his childhood obsession with comic books as a catalyst for his passion for art. Born in Wales, raised in Canada, and living in Vancouver since 2010, his work can be found in collections all around the world.

Float by David Camisa

Fernanda Ribeiro

As an illustrator and product designer, Fernanda creates bright images to watch, to move, to wear, and to play. She incorporates her love for colourful things to her work.

Arty Guava

She’s an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator and co-founder of Other Half Studios. Arty Guava translates and interprets reality into a dreamlike rendition of her own. She takes particular interest in flowers, portraits and scenery, as seen in her art.

John Velten

Also known as Northwest Styles, he’s been illustrating for more than 10 years and works independently as a graphic artist, photographer, and fine artist who practices carving and sculpting. With ancestry from the Northwest Territories Déne Nation, John is very involved in the community, and created spaces for artists and creatives to collaborate together in 2019.

Humming Essence by John Velten

Extra Crunchy

Ruzaza and Rafi make up this partnership of Extra Crunchy, and they create multi-dimensional visual art using different mediums. From textiles to virtual reality, they are always challenging themselves artistically and their murals are found all over the world.

Nomadic Breeze by Extra Crunchy

Caitlin McDonagh

As an artist, she specializes in visual work, illustrations, and murals. She’s inspired by folklore, symbolism, the human body, and the natural world. Through her art, Caitlin hopes to represent her own story while creating room for the viewer to add to the story and find themselves within it.

Lukas Lundberg

He’s a visual and FX artist from Sweden, based in Vancouver. His primary visual art medium is painting, and his murals can be found all across Vancouver in neighbourhoods such as Gastown and Yaletown.

Rory Doyle

With experience as a 3D production artist, Rory now works as a freelance designer and runs his own design studio, Sefton. He’s got a wide portfolio including mural art, ad work, and graphic design.

UBC Mural by Rory Doyle